Jameson Rodgers & Luke Combs Hear Number-One Calling Their Names

Jameson Rodgers & Luke Combs Hear Number-One Calling Their Names

Congrats to Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs as they land in the number-one spot this week on the country music airplay chart with “Cold Beer Calling My Name”.

After hitting the top of the chart, Jameson had a message for his fans, “Because of y’all, I’m living in the dream up here, man. Thanks y’all for coming to shows and listening to my music it’s been good seeing y’all again out on the road the last few months. I love y’all…Thank you for listening to song.”

His singing partner on the song, Luke Combs, also had a message of thanks, “Just wanted to say thank you all so much everybody for believing in “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” for believing in me, for believing in Jameson. We really appreciate it man.”

Jameson shares the story of how Luke became involved in the song, “Me and Luke became buddies and started writing songs and fast forward a couple years later and he asked me to go out on tour with him. Around the same time, I was in the studio cutting ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ just for myself. I no had intentions of Luke being on it and just thought it would be cool to have a feature on my first album and so it made sense- You know I was about to go on tour with Luke and yeah, I hit him up and he said yes. I couldn’t believe it.”

Luke added, “It’s been awesome. You know Jameson’s a great guy. And ever since he brought the song to the table and asked me to be on it, I was really stoked about it. You know, it’s looking like you know, a big ol’ it for him and I’m just, I’m just lucky to be on it with an awesome guy and a good friend.”

“Cold Beer Calling My Name” is one of the 15 tracks on Jameson Rodgers’ debut album Bet You’re From A Small Town

When it came to makin the video for the song Jameson says, “The music video for ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name,’ I get to be a beer delivery guy, which is fun. I got to drive a beer truck today, never done that before, we’re just having fun with it. I’m getting to go in some liquor stores and gas stations, and yeah we’re just having fun with it.”

Photo Credit: Emma Golden


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