Lanco Announces Jan. 19 Release of Debut Album, “Hallelujah Nights”

Lanco Announces Jan. 19 Release of Debut Album, “Hallelujah Nights”

Riding high from the momentum of their current No. 1 single, “Greatest Love Story,” Lanco announced the Jan. 19 release of their debut album, Hallelujah Nights.

The Southern five-piece band—which consists of Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly—shared a four-song video trailer for the album via YouTube.

Every tune on the 11-song offering was penned or co-penned by Lanco frontman Brandon Lancaster.

“We all go through more of the same experiences than we realize and songwriting is a process of observing those moments,” said Brandon. “Our stories have different people, different names, different places, but they all have the same emotions attached to them. It’s not fantasy related. To me, this album is about glorifying the reality of life.”

Hallelujah Nights Track List & Songwriters

  1. “Born to Love You” (Brandon Lancaster/Ross Copperman/Ashley Gorley/Josh Osborne)
  2. “Long Live Tonight” (Brandon Lancaster/Jason Reeves)
  3. “Pick You Up” (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman/Ben West)
  4. “Greatest Love Story” (Brandon Lancaster)
  5. “We Do” (Brandon Lancaster)
  6. “Trouble Maker” (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)
  7. “Singin’ at the Stars” (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman)
  8. “Win You Over” (Brandon Lancaster)
  9. “So Long (I Do)” (Brandon Lancaster/Melissa Fuller/Jay Joyce)
  10. “Middle of the Night” (Brandon Lancaster)
  11. “Hallelujah Nights” (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)

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