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Commonly prescribed drugs are tied to nearly 50% higher dementia risk in older adults, study says

Scientists have long found a possible link between anticholinergic drugs and an increased risk of dementia. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday suggests that the link is strongest for certain classes of anticholinergic drugs — particularly antidepressants, bladder antimuscarinics, antipsychotics and antiepileptic drugs. Researchers wrote in the study that “there…MORE

A ‘Museum of Weed’ is coming to Hollywood

A 30,000-square-foot cannabis museum is coming to Hollywood. Weedmaps, a Los Angeles-based cannabis technology and media company, is behind the new museum, which is aimed at destigmatizing cannabis and will open later this summer. “We’re at this point now where there is some cannabis normalization,” Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals told CNN Business, “where they’re already…MORE

Mike Pence’s unbelievable answer on whether climate change is a threat

Sometimes you have to read something to believe it. Vice President Mike Pence’s pretzel-twisting when asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper whether climate change is a threat to the United States is one of those times. Here’s the back and forth — from “State of the Union” on Sunday. It’s long but incredibly telling: TAPPER: But…MORE

Trump escapes to Camp David after bucking aides on Iran, immigration

President Donald Trump left the White House Saturday for a last-minute trip to Camp David — escaping Washington at a moment when sources say he appears increasingly disenchanted by advice from his inner circle and out of sorts with some of the mainstays in his Cabinet. “I am at Camp David working on many things,…MORE

Meal kits, Kombucha and snacks for delivery: Convenience stores are getting a makeover

America’s convenience stores are trying to shake off their reputation as gas stations with hot dogs on rollers and Slurpees inside. On Monday, 7-Eleven said it would start delivering to “hot spots,” including parks, beaches and other public locations through its year-old 7-Now delivery app. 7-Eleven’s move, which is similar to Domino’s beach delivery launch…MORE

Lizzo saw Rihanna jamming to her at the BET Awards, too

Game recognizes game. Lizzo was tearing up the stage Sunday night with her performance of “Truth Hurts” at the BET Awards when another bad… chick gave her some serious love. The camera panned to superstar Rihanna down in the audience getting her entire life. Lizzo is the musical artist you need to hear right now…MORE

Paramedics could use a 5G-powered ‘robo glove’ to make quicker diagnoses

5G technology could allow paramedics to diagnose medical problems more quickly, experts say, with the help of a “robo-glove” that can carry out remote-controlled ultrasound scans in an ambulance, or at the scene of an accident. The glove, which was demonstrated by physicians in the UK last week, can conduct a scan and relay real-time…MORE

Abigail Disney and George Soros say: Tax the wealthy more

More than a dozen of the richest Americans have a message for 2020 presidential candidates: Tax us more. In a letter sent to candidates Monday, 18 members of some of the nation’s wealthiest families advocated for a wealth tax on people who amassed great personal fortunes, including themselves. “We are writing to call on all…MORE

Mandy Moore says viewers won’t see what’s coming on ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore says the upcoming season of “This Is Us” is going to blow viewers away. The actress, who appeared at a Popsugar panel talk in New York City on Saturday, told the crowd that Season 4 of the hit show will delve into the early days of Jack and Rebecca Pearson’s relationship. And that,…MORE



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